Books Nominated for 2016 Moritz Thomsen Peace Corps Experience Award

2016 Memoirs Nominated for The Moritz Thomsen Peace Corps Experience Award

The Toughest Job: The Crossroads of One Man’s Peace Corps Experience
(Second edition)
Scott M. Henrickson (Cote d’Ivoire 1995–96)
January 2016

Journey to the Heart of the Condor: Love, Loss, and Survival in a South American Dictatorship
(A “parallel” memoir that relates the Peace Corps experience)
Emily C. Creigh (Paraguay 1975–77) and Dr. Martín Almada
Peace Corps Writers
February 2016

The Emperor and the Elephants: A Peace Corps Volunteer’s Story of Life During the Late 1970s in the Central African Empire
Richard W. Carroll (Central Africa Republic 1976–82)
Peace Corps Writers
May, 2016

The Relunctant Volunteer: My Unforgettable Journey with the Peace Corps in Brazil
Peggy Constantine (Brazil 1970–71 )
May 2016

Brooklyn, NY to Bocaiúva, Brazil: A Peace Corps Love Story
Franklin D. Rothman (Brazil 1967–69)
Peace Corps Writers
May 2016

Hidden Places: A Journey from Kansas to Kilimanjaro
(Peace Corps memoir)

James Heaton (Nyasaland [Malawi]1962–64)
May 2016

Nurse Patch-It’s Diary: The Diary of a Public School Nurse & Clown
Barbara  Kaare-Lopez (Honduras 1978–80)
Outskirts Press
August 2016

From Freeborn to Freetown & Back
Patrick R. O’Leary (Sierra Leone 1966–68)
Peace Corps Writers
September 2016

Paper Mountains: An Armenian Diary
(Peace Corps memoir)
Jonathan Maiullo (Armenia 2008–10)
May 2016

In the Belly of the Elephant: A Memoir of Africa
Susan Corbett (Liberia 1976–79)
March 2016

Mail From Kyrgyzstan: My Life As An Over-50 Peace Corps Volunteer
by Michael Licwinko (Kyrgyzstan 2008–10)
September 2016

How to Win Friends & Avoid Sacred Cows: Weird Adventures in IndiaHindus, Sikhs and Muslims When the Peace Corps was New
by David Macaray (India 1967-68)
The Ardent Writer Press (Brownsboro, Alabama)
December 2016

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