Books Nominated For 2016 Award for Best Short Stories Collection

2016 Award for Best Short Stories Collection

Making Love While Levitating Three Feet in the Air
Jeff  Fearnside (Kazakhstan 2002–04)
Stephen F. Austin University Press
December 2016

Everywhere Stories: Short Fiction from a Small Planet, Volume II
Cliff Garstang (Korea 1976–77), editor and contributor; Mark Brazaitis (Guatemala 1990-93, staff 1995-96), contributor; Pamela Hartmann (South Korea, 1973–75), contributor
Press 53
September 2016

Brevité: A Collection of Short Fiction
Stephen Mustoe (Kenya 1983–84)
Peace Corps Writers
May 2016

In the Valley of Birds
by Rebeka Fergusson-Lutz (Romania 2001-03)
CreateSpace Publishing
August 2016

Phobos & Deimos: Two Moons, Two Worlds
by John Moehl (Camaroon 1974–80)
Resource Publications
August 2016

The Wetback and Other Stories
Ron Arias (Peru 1963–65)
Arte Publico Press
September 2016

On the Wide African Plain: And Other Stories of Africa
Rick Fordyce (Ghana 1978—80)
Merrimack Media
August 2016

Off To The Next Wherever
by John Michael Flynn (Moldova 1993-95)
Fomite Publisher
April 2016

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