by David C. Edmonds (Chile 1963-65)

Dave Edmonds

Add Blue Magic on Mushroom Island to the growing list of magical/realism/romance/ action-adventure thrillers in exotic places by David C. Edmonds!

The story

Adriana Alvarado, an American TV journalist in Nicaragua, is contemplating another romantic evening with the man she met at an US Embassy soiree when her rendezvous is ruined by a close encounter with gunfire and death. Blood is on her hands — literally — and she’s been in Nicaragua long enough to know that witnesses to assassination do not always live to tell their story.

The US Embassy is no help. Neither is the embassy man who stole her heart. They want Adriana to cooperate with the dreaded Directorate of State Security. But if she cooperates, they’ll learn about her past and she’ll be in even greater danger. Her only hope for escape is to pretend to chase a story about mushrooms and magical cures on a remote jungle island in the middle of Lake Nicaragua.

But what she doesn’t know is that a catagory-3 hurricane is bearing down on Nicaragua. Or that a notorious band of tomb looters are also searching the island for “magic” mushrooms. Or that the island is inhabited by escaped criminals and runaways from a mental institution who dye their bodies blue, arm themselves with crude wooden spears, and don’t like intruders.

And if that’s not troublesome enough, the leader of the “blue crazies,” a mysterious woman named Yaritza, is a serial killer.


David C. Edmonds is a former Marine, Peace Corps Volunteer (Chile), Senior Fulbright Professor of International Economics, and academic dean with long experience in Nicaragua and other Latin American countries.

He lives in the Tampa Bay area of Florida and is the author of four other award-winning novels—Lily of Peru, The Girl in the Glyphs, The Heretic of Granada, and Flamenco in the Time of Moonshine and Mobsters.



Blue Magic on Mushroom Island
David C. Edmonds (Chile 1963– 65)
Peace Corps Writers
April 2024
$16.99 (Paperback); $.99 (Kindle)

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