Bill Moyers and Harris Wofford: A Conversation at the New York Public Library


On Wednesday night, January 13, 2016 at the New York Public Library there was a wonderful discussion between Bill Moyers, one of the founders of the Peace Corps and later deputy director of the Peace Corps, and Harris Wofford, former ‘everything’ in the government, including being the first Peace Corps Director to Ethiopia to then U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania. Two hundred plus attended the library event to support a new documentary film being made by Jacob Finkel (

Driving in from Kuntzville, Pennsylvania to attend were Ethiopia I (1962-64)  Adrienne and Elton Katter.


Among the Ethiopian RPCVs who attended the event were these Volunteers: (l-r) Margaret O’Brien Donohoe (1962-64); John Coyne (1962-64); Suzanne Wofford, Harris’ daughter, Dean of the Gallatin School of Individualized Study at New York University. (Suzanne was ten when she went with her family to Addis Ababa); David Forster (1966-68); and Bill Donohoe (1962-64).


Concetta Bencivenga (Thailand 1992-94) and Bill Moyers went off in a corner to talk, not about the Peace Corps, but about  University of Texas at Austin where Concetta earned her masters at the LBJ School of Public Affairs and fell in love with Austin.


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  • John,

    Is there a transcript of the Moyers/Wofford discussion, available to those of us unable to attend the event? Any chance of that?
    (And – Why does seemingly ‘everything’ of interest and importance happen on the east coast!?)

    And, thanks for the ‘Sarge Calls JFK’ transcript you recently posted. Short, sweet, but important to the life and times of the (then) new Peace Corps.

    -Don Messerschmidt, Nepal 2 (1963-65)

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