Award Winning Travel Writer Mo Tejani (Thailand 1979–80)

Mohezin Tejani (Thailand 1979-80) is the author of  A Chameleon’s Tale: True Stories of a Global Refugee, and one of those hardy band of RPCVs writers who lives and works [mostly as travel writers] around the world, publishing on-line and in many travel magazines. He is also an award winning writer. For example. 
The Solas Awards and were created by Travelers’ Tales,  a division of Solas House, Inc., a publisher of travel literature in Palo Alto, California. In 2004 they published their first collection of Best Travel Writing and in 2005 added The Best Women’s Travel Writing. In 2006 they launched the Solas Awards and to honor fine writing from the great travel storytellers.
best2009Extraordinary stories about travel has been the cornerstones of their books since 1993. With the Solas Awards they honor writers whose work inspires others to explore. They look for the best stories about travel and the world-funny, illuminating, adventurous, uplifting, scary, inspiring, poignant-stories that reflect the unique alchemy that occurs when you enter unfamiliar territory and begin to see the world differently as a result. They want the awards to be a catalyst for those who love to leave home and tell others about it. This past year they  received more than 250 entries in 21 categories. 

Two of Mo’s stories from the second volume of his memoirs won Gold Awards. They were:

Travel and Food: The best story where food or drink plays a role in introducing the traveler to a foreign culture or new friends: Gold: Fruits of Childhood by Mohezin Tejani

Doing Good or the Kindness of Strangers: The most inspiring tale of aid, comfort, philanthropy, or caring for others in faraway places, or of being the recipient of a stranger’s largesse. Gold: Latin Carino by Mohezin Tejani

You can view the pieces at:: 3

Check out Mo’s website:



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