August Books by Peace Corps Writers

name-tagging-120Name Tagging
by Martha Cooper (Thailand 1963–65)
Mark Batty Publisher
96 pages
July 2010

under-same-moon-120Under the Same Moon
by Kelli M. Donley (Cameroon 2000)
Donley Books
356 pages
May 2010

henderson-memories-120The Henderson Memories
(Peace Corps novel)
by Doug Ingold (Brazil 1964-66)
Wolfenden Publishing
$14.95 Kindle Edition, $9.75
379 pages

lyndon-b-johnson-120Lyndon B. Johnson [The American Presidents Series] by Charles Peters (PC/Staff 1961-65)
Times Books
224 pages
June 2010

beckers-farm-120Becker’s Farm
by William V. Timmons (Niger 1965-67)
CreateSpace (BookSurge)
326 pages
June 2009

man-in-black-white-dress-120The Man in the Black and White Dress
by William V. Timmons (Niger 1965-67)
CreateSpace (BookSurge)
338 pages

trojan-pony-120The Trojan Pony
by William Timmons (Niger 1965-67)
CreateSpace (BookSurge)
$ 14.95
223 pages

never-push-elephant-120Never Push An Elephant
by William Timmons (Niger 1965-67)
CreateSpace (BookSurge)
$ 15.95
310 pages

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