Are you a college or high school teacher? Heres how to teach the story of the Peace Corps!

Alana DeJoseph has made her award-winning documentary about the Peace Corps available for college and secondary school teachers. RPCV teachers, this is a great opportunity for you to tell your Peace Corps story to your students and also, with the film, tell the story of the agency.
Director of the film, Alana DeJoseph, writes:
The feature documentary A Towering Task: The Story of the Peace Corps is going to school! We are developing lesson plans for middle schools, high schools, and universities to teach the history of the Peace Corps through the lens of various fields of study. And we would love to take advantage of the expertise so many RPCVs have. So, we are asking RPCV professors (current and retired) from the following fields of study to connect with us at to help us make these lesson plans the best they can be!
Areas of study:
– International Studies and Area Studies
– Political Science
– Economics (development economics)
– Health (public health)
– Environmental fields (forestry, agriculture, fisheries, conservation…)
– Sociology/Anthropology
– Engineering
– History
And for those who teach different topics, but feel that their subject matter also would fit, please, don’t hesitate to connect with us!
Write Alana and tell her what works for you at the college and secondary school levels. You can help create a national college or high school course based on your Peace Corps story and her film. This is a great chance to make a difference. (Again!)


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  • Alana, given the fascination of young people with media, I wonder if you might integrate into the lesson plan the contents of the website that describes, in words and pictures, the making of this remarkable film and the editing process that pulled together the interviews, photos, and videos.

    • Steve,

      I think that is an excellent idea. I believe that Alana also has much footage which had to be edited out because of space limitations.

      • Indeed a wonderful idea! We will use pieces of the film and any additional materials in conjunction with activities (students could build a timeline, for example) and more in-depth materials (especially for college-level classes) that take a closer look at the various subject matters through the lens of the Peace Corps.

  • Alana, what a wonderful idea. The Peace Corps Anthology that we will be publishing from Friends of Liberia in 2022 will dovetail perfectly into this concept. I could see our book being a companion to the curriculum as each short story/poem will pack a powerful message/takeaway for any reader. Our anthology goal is to reach beyond those who know Peace Corps, to the public-at-large. And no better way than to reach young people in academic institutions. (Author of In Search to Pink Flamingos and team lead for the anthology)

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