Anthology book launch: NEVER THE SAME AGAIN: Life, Service, and Friendship in Liberia


AT —Busboy and Poets
July 24,  5:00 pm
450 K St NW, Washington


Never the Same Again is a collection of sixty-three true stories and poems that will take you on a storytelling journey about life, service and friendship in Liberia. This anthology of enduring hope spans sixty years. Written by those of us who lived and worked in Liberia, we share heartfelt accounts of adversity and acceptance, illness and healing, and escape from war and reunion. Glimpse into everyday life in the village, classroom, and clinic where relationships were formed and lost, and many were found again. Once you read this book you will feel as we do…never the same again.

Admission is free and doors open at 5 PM at the 450 K location, Davis Room. Books are available at the launch with festivities beginning at 5:30 until 6:30 P.M. with amazing slides and heartfelt readings from some of our authors and entertainment at the closing.

In honor of Peace Corps 60th Anniversary of serving in Liberia, Friends of Liberia (FOL) a non-profit organization is sponsoring this event. All proceeds of the book will benefit humanitarian programs in Liberia.

Never the Same Again: Life, Service, and Friendship in Liberia
Editor Susan Greisen (Liberia 1971-73) & (Tonga 1973-74)
Sidekick Press
May 2022
254 pages
May 2022
$8.99 (Kindle); $20.95 (Paperback)

“Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.” President John F. Kennedy’s inaugural statement inspired Americans to serve their country for the cause of peace by living and working in the developing world. His vision created the Peace Corps in 1961, and the first volunteers arrived in Liberia in 1962. Sixty years later, in 2022, we celebrate this anniversary with our anthology, Never the Same Again: Life, Service, and Friendship in Liberia.

Storytelling has a long tradition throughout Africa. Elders have used stories to share their wisdom and knowledge through the generations, passing along their history, traditions, and lessons. Our anthology continues this tradition through stories about relationships that provide a cross-cultural awareness we can learn from and share with others. We offer a window into everyday village life: work in the classroom or the clinic; living among the people; relationships that were formed and lost; and the trials and tribulations of civil unrest and epidemics.

About the Writers

Our writers belong to Friends of Liberia (FOL), a nonprofit organization. We are former Peace Corps Volunteers, Liberians, missionaries, medical relief workers, and contractors. Our service to Liberia mattered. Our footsteps left footprints – a human connection that has endured through a lifetime of service. This connection continues through FOL’s mission to support Liberia by funding educational, social, economic, and humanitarian programs. Visit

Why Now?

Now, more than ever, is the time to share our stories. Countries, communities, and even families are divided over our varying beliefs and values, whether it be religion, race, politics, pandemics, or climate change. How can we better understand and accept one another within these divisions? Many of the personal accounts in this anthology describe a culture that is unfamiliar to those who have not lived in Liberia. Our book provides a glimpse into the Liberian way of life, showing first hand, how living among its people fosters understanding and acceptance. The many people of Liberia who have survived the hardships of poverty, high morbidity and mortality, civil wars, and Ebola have something vitally important to show us about determination, resilience, survival, and hope. The relationships we developed with the people of Liberia instilled valuable lessons…ones that changed us forever.

How to Use this Book

This collection of stories and poems is rich with takeaways to inform and inspire you about the power of human connection. You will learn more about the vital importance of being a global citizen and how you can help through FOL. We also encourage you to use this book as teaching tools in your schools, faith-based communities, nonprofit or government agencies, publications, and social media. In the appendix you will find resources that help place these stories into context. You will also find information on a Speaker’s Match Program where former Peace Corps Volunteers who served in Liberia are available to share their experiences with you and your audience.


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  • Hi all! Corey here. It is a GREAT anthology, and I hope anyone who is in the DMV can come to Busboys and Poets Sunday night 5PM. I have two stories in it and will be reading from one of them as will other Liberia RPCVs A fun time will be had by all! Hope to see you there!

  • I just finished reading this wonderful anthology. I know the launch would have been wonderful to attend. Thanks to all those who contributed and edited and got this book published. The cover is wonderful and special as I was there when Owen Hartford took the photo from in front of the house where I lived for over 3 years and Susan Greisen lived the next 2 years. Each story evokes some personal memories.

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