An Invitation from Roland Merullo (Micronesia)

Dear Friends and Readers,

Many people are doing something to ease the strain of the corona virus quarantine, so my friend and publisher, Peter Sarno, and I came up with the idea to offer a serialized novel. There is no charge for it. Peter and I aren’t collecting names or information in any way. It is meant simply as entertainment in bleak times.

Like most authors, I have several books that, for one reason or another, have never seen the light of day. Bring Me a Higher Love is one of them. From time to time over the years since I composed it, I’ve gone back and read through it again and made changes, but it has basically been floating around in the clouds as in an e-copy, and sitting in a drawer in my office in a hard copy.

For a long time, I’ve been fascinated by the relationship between sex and spirituality. This novel, a love story really, explores that relationship. I should warn you that, if it were a movie, it would have a strong R rating. The sex scenes are neither graphic nor pornographic, but they are explicit enough that I think readers of a certain sensibility might take umbrage. If you are one of those readers, it will be a good idea to look to other books for your reading pleasure.

We are going to publish 20 or so pages twice a week for eight weeks, one section on Sunday and one on Wednesday. In order to receive these emailed chapters, you have to sign up by clicking the link posted below:

Sign up for the Better Days Book Club

I hope you enjoy the story, which is set in Sardinia and Naples, and I hope all of us get through this difficult challenge with health, sanity, and dignity intact.

All my best wishes,

Roland (Micronesia 1979-80)

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  • 5/3/20
    In a time like no other thank you Roland and Peter for yet another gift!
    We so appreciate the monthly newsletter and refer anyone seeking enjoyable, compassionate and inspiring reads – extremely varied tales of humanity and hope- to connect with any and all of Roland’s gems. These connections have never been more important during this global crisis , which within it has the potential if we choose for social, economic and environmental justice in a new and better future.
    In gratitude and friendship,
    Mike and Cyndy Cotter
    (retired RN;s from Quincy)

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