American Law Society recognizes Alec Allen Ross (Mali)

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Feb 18, 2024

Alec Allen Ross (Mali 2008-10)

The American Law Society proudly announces the addition of Alec Allen Ross, Founder and Trademark Attorney at The Trademark Place, to its prestigious ranks of America’s Top Lawyers. Handpicked by the esteemed American Law Society Board, Ross’s selection underscores his outstanding professional track record, legal expertise, and commitment to the highest ethical standards expected of esteemed lawyers.


With six years of experience, Alec Allen Ross has made a significant impact in the field of Intellectual Property and Trademarks. His passion for intellectual property law and dedication to client service have garnered him recognition, making him a prominent figure in the legal community.

Ross’s legal career began with years of service as a trademark attorney and managing attorney at the largest trademark law firm in the United States. Motivated to enhance the client experience, he founded The Trademark Place, emphasizing simplified processes through flat fee pricing and a commitment to world-class service.

In addition to his legal achievements, Ross brings a diverse background to his practice, having served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Mali 2008-10 West Africa. His professional journey includes roles as a graphic designer, marketing specialist, and writer.

“We are delighted to welcome Alec Allen Ross to the American Law Society. His dedication to intellectual property law, extensive experience, and positive impact on the legal community make him a valuable addition to America’s Top Lawyers,” states Valerie Arnold, a member of the American Law Society Board.

Ross, admitted to practice in both Florida and Iowa, has demonstrated his commitment to excellence in the legal field. The American Law Society’s Board of Directors is confident that Alec Allen Ross will continue to contribute significantly to the legal community and eagerly anticipates his future accomplishments.

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