Amendment to eliminate funding for Peace Corps Introduced in Congress

Thank you to the National Peace Corps Association for posting this alarming news on their Facebook Page.  Please read it.

National Peace Corps Association

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Yesterday, Congressman Mark Walker of North Carolina introduced an amendment to eliminate funding for the #PeaceCorps and other international assistance programs in Fiscal Year 2020, and re-allocate those funds to cover the disaster assistance funds. The impetus for this amendment was Rep. Walker’s concern about the $19 billion dollar spending bill Congress racked up ten days ago for disaster assistance. Congresswoman Nita Lowey took to the House Floor to oppose this amendment and defend the Peace Corps.

We hope that you will join us in contacting your congressperson and urge them to oppose Rep. Walker’s amendment before the vote next Tuesday. Visit:



Opposing Amendment to Eliminate the Peace CorpsChairwoman Lowey rises in strong opposition to Amendment 27 proposed by Rep. Walker, which calls for a $19.1 billion cut to the SFOPS appropriations package.


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  • I am horrified !! The Peace Corps started as I reached adulthood . I have many friends who volunteered. What kind of a presence of care and concern for our fellow man could ever fill its place !! It has always been a shining gesture of what is true and good in America !! To reach across the world to join hands with our fellow men . Einstein said “the most important question we have to ask is ….is the world a friendly place or not” Martin Luther King said men should be judged by their character. To withdraw funding for such a world wide presence of caring is damaging to our souls and character of America !!! Thank you Sen. Lowey !!!

    • Congress will vote tomorrow, June 18th, on the resolution. Please contact your Congressional Represpentative and ask them to vote against: Amendment 27 to the State and Foreign Operations (SFOPS) appropriations package within the “Minibus” (H.R. 2740)


    • Also, you can use the NPCA link to send a letter to your Congressperson. You so not have to be a member of the NPCA.

  • My husband and I were PCVolunteers. Our daughter was a PCVolunteer. Many friends were also and to abandon this one ray of hope and consciousness raising for Americans who volunteer as well as those we served is the ultimate in selfishness and misguided policy. PCVs world wide have engaged our colleagues in many capacities and in the best possible way. We have learned from the experiences, and we have brought this information and understanding home. To lose this gem would be a travesty.

  • We have a granddaughter and grandson in law working in the Peace Corps in Africa, this proposed amendment to eliminate the PeaceCorps is horrible! This selfish administration needs to be replaced!

  • Vote against amendment 27 in Disaster Assistance bill. Peace Corps develops countries as well as US citizens.

    • I couldn’t agree more! I am a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer and I grew so much as a human being during my experience in West Africa and I consider it one of the mist valuable experiences I’ve ever had! This amendment is a disgrace and it breaks my heart that it is even being considered!

  • My daughter is currently serving in the peace corps in The Gambia. How sad that some of our representatives are so determined to take away programs like the Peace Corps that change lives for the better. All to support tax relief for the top 1% and large corporations. These people have no shame. Let’s vote the haters out of office.

    • Jim Barnaby, I am a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer who served in The Gambia! My experience changed my life for the better and I couldn’t agree with you more! I’m outraged by this.

  • I too am outraged. The Peace Corp was set up to help people in other countries better their lives.
    My brother believed it, and died trying to do it.

  • I cannot even believe you would consider defending the Peace Corps Our daughter has been serving in the Peace Corps since 2017 in Western Gambia and it has been quite an experience. She has learned so much and has been a valuable asset to the Gambia.

  • I cannot even believe you would consider defunding the Peace Corps. Our daughter has been serving in the Peace Corps since 2017 in Western Gambia and it has been quite an experience. She has learned so much and has been a valuable asset to the Gambia.

  • The vote was today, but I just read this. As a returned volunteer now living abroad, I say this is a sign of who terminate in the house and senate. I am conservative and will do my job.

  • While working in Burkina Faso (West Africa) I saw our best and brightest working alongside locals to better their economic, health, and education systems. They were highly respected but those with whom they worked. This is a bargain and opportunity to change the lives of those in developing countries but as the comments show it is a life changing opportunity for us. Here’s the best news: ”
    An amendment to the State/Foreign Operations funding package to cut just over $19 billion in foreign assistance programs was defeated by a vote of 315 to 110. 81 House Republicans joined 234 House Democrats to defeat the amendment.”

  • Fifty-three years ago this summer I returned from a two year stint in Peace Corps Ethiopia 3 a 250 member volunteer group of secondary teachers. We replaced the pioneering Ethiopia 1, the first group to serve under John Kennedy. As with the thousands of Returned Volunteers I take pride in having served in the most successful long term experiment in American foreign policy. It is appalling that a Trump supporting congressman wants to undo it all.

  • Republican in NC who brought up bill to defund. Democrat from NY supported keeping funding . Both parties voted and passed resolution today to keep funding for another year., but many Republicans voted to defund. Remember at polls that Republican in NC and other states tried to defund!

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