Aaron Williams' Favorite Peace Corps Book????

Yesterday, Tuesday, September 7, 2010, the nonprofit Partnership for Public Service and The Washington Post’s On Leadership site jointly produce the Federal Coach, hosted by Tom Fox, director of the partnership’s Center for Government Leadership, as the question of  “U.S. gopvernment officials, “what’s your favorite book on leadership?”

 Among those who they asked was Aaron Williams, the Peace Corps Director. Aaron  replied: “Nelson Mandela’s autobiography Long Walk to Freedom is an outstanding book, because it’s one of these unique situations where someone who’s in prison for a long time comes out with a positive view of what needs to be done in that society. He has a plan of action to carry it out and doesn’t allow the past to be baggage that impedes his way to progress in the future.”

Now! After being Peace Corps Director what will Aaron’s favorite Peace Corps book be?

Give me your suggestions….


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    Let’s hope Aaron Williams , like Mandela, “has a plan of action.”

  • Well, if he loved Mandela’s autobiography, he will surely love Jason Carter’s “Power Lines.” Jason was a PCV in South Africa. I especially loved the vignette where Jason meets his grandparents Jimmy and Roslyn in Jo’berg, after travelling many miles by bush taxi, and when he gets to their hotel he can’t stop talking about his exciting experience as a PCV in his little village until, finally, his grandmother says that they’re very proud of him, but could he please go take a shower now.

  • How about;
    To Touch the World
    At Home in the World
    Peace Corps the Great Experience

    the stories of quiet, humble leadership of volunteers around the world
    and at the end of the day the people said “look at what we have accomplished”

    I continue to give out copies of these Peace Corps Books

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