Aaron Williams (Dominican Republic 1967-70) Says Goodbye To The Peace Corps. Thank You Aaron!

Aaron Williams (Dominican Republic 1967-70)  left the agency today. It was his last day on the job. He resigned, as he said,  for personal and family reasons. He was thewilliams_pic RPCV Director since August of 2009 who traveled a tremendous amount to Peace Corps countries to visit PCVs in the field and his family handled his many trips overseas without complaint.  Aaron came into the agency at a difficult time, and has  (in my opinion) dealt with a number of  White House political appointees who were not RPCVs and did not get what it meant to be a PCV. He overcame their shortcomings and enhanced the Peace Corps. Now he deserves to focus his long and outstanding international career in a new direction.

Wherever Aaron went as Director to RPCV reunions  the reports were always positive. RPCVs across the country emailed me to say, “he’s a good guy.” As we know from RPCVS that is high praise. 

Thank you Aaron for advancing the agency. You are leaving the Peace Corps in a better place.

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  • Well, yes, Aaron Williams left Pesce Corps a better place, and for that we should be grateful. But, come on, didn’t we all expect that after eight year of benign neglect under President Bush, Peace Corps under President Obama, a true child of Third World thinking parents, would have gotten a jolt of excitement and enthusiasm? Didn’t happen. Peace Corps has been just another well-meaning American aid program heavy with bureaucratic rules. These four years have been a missed opportunity.Sure Aaron Williams was a good guy. But Peace Corps needed more.

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