A Comment on President Obama's Cairo Address

Doug Worthington ( Ethiopia 1963-65) writes: “As I listened to Obama’s sensitive and culture-bridging talk in  Cairo, I tried to imagine myself as a returned PC volunteer giving a similar speak. I think each of us, having travelled and lived aboard, could have given a similar speech. Obama seemed like a PCV to me. In a sense, he has had the Peace Corps experience. He sees the world from a different perspective than does the average American.”

Well said, Doug!

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  • The best perspective to understanding Obama and his apparent affinity with a Peace Corps mentality is his mother.

    For a good look at her, TIME, April 9, 2008 which begins:

    “Each of us lives a life of contradictory truths. We are not one thing or another. Barack Obama’s mother was at least a dozen things. S. Ann Soetoro was a teen mother who later got a Ph.D. in anthropology; a white woman from the Midwest who was more comfortable in Indonesia; a natural-born mother obsessed with her work; a romantic pragmatist, if such a thing is possible.”


    Stanley Ann Duncan Soetoro was better at most everything than the rest of us.

    Tom Hebert

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