Video of Senator Harris Wofford Memorial Service at Howard University

Thank you for joining us last weekend to celebrate the remarkable life and legacy of Senator Harris Wofford at Howard University.

I know we are all tremendously moved and inspired by the impact he had on so many people and on our country.

Please feel free to share this video of the memorial service with your networks, and with those that were not able to join us in person.

All of us at Voices for National Service pledge to carry Harris’ legacy and determination forward as we work together to expand opportunities for all Americans to serve, as he did throughout his extraordinary life.


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  • So grateful this was recorded. What a life. I’m grateful to have met him a few times. He stands for everything I believe in. I hope I can do him justice and be one of many to carry on his devotion to humanity. Thank you, Harris. You are a bright light.

  • I think every veteran of the Peace Corps, and AmeriCorps, stands a little taller in the reflection of the late Sen Wofford.

    In today’s increasingly messed up and dangerous world, my mind goes back to an impromptu eulogy spoken by a long-ago New Mexico Navajo clan chieftain, upon the death of Lorenzo Hubbell, a trader who helped the Navajo weavers establish their craft, but more importantly became a trusted advisor, interpreting the new and unfamiliar American values to the Navajo, like polygamy, and keenly counselling them on how to stay on the right side of the US Cavalry. The Navajo chieftain, in the straightforward way typical of his people,, said “Don Lorenzo is dead, and who is there can take his place.”

    Rest in peace, Sen Wofford. John Turnbull Lower Canoncito, New Mexico

    • Yes, lest we buy into the narcissism of small differences that end up in fights and our homes and gatherings end up no places you’d want to be, and our towns no places to visit. So we could well emulate Harris and honor individual differences as our ID’s.

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