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QUESTS by Paul Spencer Sochaczewski (Malaysia)

QUESTS by Paul Spencer Sochaczewski (Malaysia)

  Quests: Searching for Heroes, Scoundrels, Star-Gazers, and a Mermaid Paul Spencer Sochaczewski (Malaysia 1969-71) Explorer’s Eyes Press May 2024 276 pages $17.95 (Paperback) • • • QUESTS ENRICH OUR LIVES Quests are the backbone of all the great fables. And they are key elements in leading a satisfying and enriching life. This volume of 24 quests — at times audacious, touching, and ridiculous — are some highlights of Paul Spencer Sochaczewski’s purposeful investigative travel. He… seeks out, and meets, a female vampire ghost in Borneo who wants to follow him home is invited on a date by the Mermaid Queen of Java interviews the last elephant hunter of Vietnam travels to meet the humble villager in Laos who captured a precious white elephant that was then hijacked by the country’s First Lady visits the purported “lost Jews” of an isolated Indonesian island meets a homeless Hawaiian-wannabe Chinese emperor conducts the first . . .

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