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Steve DeBoer (Ecuador) on his running adventures

Steve DeBoer (Ecuador) on his running adventures

In the news —   by Cigale Ahlquist     When Steve DeBoer (Ecuador 1978-80) crossed the finish line in Langford Park’s Fourth of July road race last month, he was mere blocks from his boyhood home on Raymond Avenue in St. Anthony Park in St. Paul, MN. But running has taken him so much farther. Not long after taking up the sport as a high school freshman in 1968 to get in shape for basketball, DeBoer focused on running. Since 1971, he has logged at least a mile for what is now more than 18,000 consecutive days. Back then he thought: Let’s see how many days I can do this. When people talk about streaks in athletics, Cal Ripken Jr.’s name comes to mind. The Baseball Hall of Famer known as “The Iron Man” played in 2,632 consecutive games for the Baltimore Orioles over 17 seasons. DeBoer’s streak hit . . .

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