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Six-Word Winners of Peace Corps Writers Contest!

Six-Word Winners of Peace Corps Writers Contest!

The winning Six-Word Stories selected by noted RPCV novelist, Richard Wiley (Korea 1967-69) are . . .   Arrived tired. Mali inspired. Living unmired. by Bill Moseley (Mali 1987-89)   Piped water frees girls for school.    by Bob Gribbin (Kenya 1968-70)   Peru: She returned with blinders off. by Patricia (Silke) Edmisten (Peru 1962-64)   In making his selection, Richard Wiley writes, “I read them all a dozen or more times, and came up with three that I like best, two of which seem to emphasize what being in the Peace Corps did for the volunteer (and writer!), and one that highlighted a good Peace Corps outcome for the country.What was hard about this was deciding how I wanted to order these final three.  It was a very close call. Thank you for allowing me to have a role in this and congratulations to the winners.

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