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Review of HAY BUDDY! by Lawrence F. Lihosit (Honduras)

Review of HAY BUDDY! by Lawrence F. Lihosit (Honduras)

  Hey Buddy! Portraits of Friends Lawrence F. Lihosit (Honduras 1975-77) KDP, an Company 144 pages August 2023 $18.00 (paperback) Reviewed by Stephen Foehr (Ethiopia 1965-67) • Think of this collection of vignettes as a mixed bouquet of flowers, some colorful, some a bit wilted, a few missing petals. Lawrence Lihosit recounts strangers who became friends in his years of traveling and working from Alaska to Argentina, Honduras to California. He was a Peace Corps volunteer in Honduras (1975-1977). The prose is suitable for scan reading—no multi-layered metaphors, or nifty timeline shifts, or illusions and allusions that require association. Lihosit tells the tales as he would to someone sitting on the neighboring barstool. No literary pretense, but rather people being themselves. So, enjoy the humanization without the polishing rub of a professional hand. (One of Lihosit’s previous books, Years On and Other Travel Essays, was awarded Best Travel Book . . .

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