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Review — WHITE CLOUD FREE by Peter Michael Johnson (Paraguay)

Review — WHITE CLOUD FREE by Peter Michael Johnson (Paraguay)

  White Cloud Free by Peter Michael Johnson (Paraguay 2002-04) V Press LC Publisher 160 pages July 2023 $11.99 (Kindle); $16.97 (Paperback) Reviewed by Stephen Foehr (Ethiopia 1965-66) •   How many lives can a man live? An English major as a naïve Peace Corps beekeeper. A soft heart who befriends a 12-year-old village outcast. A fugitive on the run, with the boy, from a vengeful mob of farmers. An acolyte of St. Augustine. A sad-soul mate of a young Paraguayan transgender sex worker. A drug addict. A middle-aged washed-out depressive who suffers manic episodes. A seeker who wants a silent past. Author of White Cloud Free, a semi-autobiographical memoir.   Memoir — a subjective collection of narratives, where the author remembers experiences, emotions, and events that are emotionally truthful, but not fact-checked — so the reader can’t tell where the author begins or ends as a character. In this, . . .

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