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WAYWARD GUILT by H.M.S. Brown (Bulgaria)

WAYWARD GUILT by H.M.S. Brown (Bulgaria)

  H.M.S. Brown (Yes – her real initials!) is an avid knitter, crocheter, and a voracious reader who stumbled into writing during lockdown in 2020 after complaining to her mom about a book she didn’t like. When her mom challenged her to write her own, the small town of Grant’s Crossing, Ohio, was born. H.M.S. Brown is a graduate of both Indiana University and The Ohio State University, as well as a returned Peace Corps volunteer,(Bulgaria 2001-02) so be prepared to see occasional mentions of the Hoosiers, the Buckeyes, and all things Bulgarian within her novels. She lives in central Ohio, doing the bidding of her evil, yet adorable cat, Michonne, along with keeping a day job to maintain a roof over her books and yarn stash. Wayward Guilt is H.M.S. Brown’s debut novel and Book 1 of her Heroes of Grant’s Crossing series. • Wayward Guilt H.M.S. Brown (Bulgaria . . .

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