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REVIEW — THE CALL by Jamie Price

REVIEW — THE CALL by Jamie Price

  The Call: The Spiritual Realism of Sargent Shriver by Jamie Price, introduction: Charles Hefling 336 pages SSPI Press March 2023 $11.49 (Kindle); $22.00 (Paperback) Review by D.W. Jefferson (El Salvador 1974–76; Costa Rica 1976–77) • I think of Sargent Shriver as one of the all-time greatest examples of the truth of the saying, “If you want something done give the task to a busy person.” From his anti-racism work with the Catholic Interracial Council of Chicago, to his leadership role in designing and directing the Peace Corps, to his role in running the War on Poverty under President Lyndon Johnson, to his work with Special Olympics International, Shriver was always busy building peace. This book is not a biography or a historical account. This book attempts to answer the question of why he did what he did and how he discerned what could and should be done. The Call . . .

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