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Time for Peace Corps to Refocus Mission by RPCV David F. Mayo

Time for Peace Corps to Refocus Mission by RPCV David F. Mayo

(Thanks for the ‘heads up’ from Kay (Gillies) Dixon (Colombia 1962-64) The Peace Corps’ mission has blurred with age. It is time for a new prescription. The agency’s foe and foil were clear in 1961. To counter the spread of communism in newly independent states, it enlisted a post-World War II generation of American idealists to share our country’s new affluence around the globe. Overseas, Peace Corps volunteers inspired trust in democracy by teaching citizens of poor nations skills they requested in their languages and communities. At home, Peace Corps volunteers promoted international friendship by showcasing beneficial values and practices learned abroad. Everywhere, Peace Corps volunteers learned to innovate, withstand hardship, honor commitments and appreciate the power of humble efforts to help others. Three policies underpinned that mission. Host-community ownership was promoted by having local people use a bottom-up development model called Participatory Analysis for Community Action to choose volunteer . . .

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