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 City grant coordinator Lydia Caudill (Paraguay) focuses on relationships

 City grant coordinator Lydia Caudill (Paraguay) focuses on relationships

  Lydia Caudill in her office at City Hall on Thursday, Jan. 5. • When the city of Walla Walla, Washington hired Lydia Caudill in 2021 to be the Community Development Block Grant Coordinator, Caudill brought her unusual experiences to the table. The grant program helps connect federal funds to local programs and projects, benefiting residents in need through various agencies and services such as Blue Mountain Action Council. Caudill had spent three years in Paraguay (2011-14) with the Peace Corps, where she worked in agriculture and food systems, part of the connection between food and community development. When the mission ended, Caudill embarked on her next adventure: biking from Paraguay to Colombia — alone — for 5,000 miles. She was pedaling a human powered bike, no gas or electric motors involved.   Lydia Caudill on her bike in Northern Argentina in spring 2015   Caudill’s travel allowed for her to explore her Mexican-Colombian heritage and . . .

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