2023 Winner of Peace Corps Writers‘ Publisher’s Special Staff Award

Back to the Future in Bandipur

Chin Kumar Shrestha’ (Staff/Nepal)
translated by Mike Gill (Nepal 1967-70)

English version edited by John Comings (Nepal 1969-72)


This autobiography by a Nepali provides all RPCVs a window into the impact they had on the people who trained them, worked with them and were their friends.

Chij Kumar Shrestha

“I really enjoyed reading From Bandipur and Back (Ghumiphiri Bandipur), by my old friend Chij Kumar Shrestha, and happy to be included in the English translation. There is a special reason for my pleasure. Chij and I are almost the same age and have had many of the same experiences.

This book presents the story of how a young man educated in a village school overcame countless obstacles as a result of his diligence, hard work, and honesty, rising to a position of great public success in a city like Kathmandu. At the same time, this book serves as an inspiration for today’s youth and as an astute analysis of Nepal’s development, education system, and bureaucracy.

Kedar Bhakta Mathema

Back to the Future in Bandipur
Chin Kuman Shrestha’
Book Art /Nepal
350 pages
$14.00 (paperback)




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