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Jed Meline (Micronesia) writes: Intervention needed now in Haiti

Jed Meline (Micronesia) writes: Intervention needed now in Haiti

Foreign entities must work with Haitians by Jed Meline (Micronesia 1990-92) THE HILL 11/02/22     The situation in Haiti is deteriorating rapidly. While no stranger to catastrophe, Haiti may be facing its worst situation in at least a decade. The country’s rapidly spiraling decline is due to multiple crises occurring simultaneously: political strife, civil unrest, rampant poverty, gang violence, a recent earthquake and now, a deadly cholera outbreak. Despite the vast humanitarian needs, a blockade is preventing the delivery of essential humanitarian and civilian supplies into the capital city of Port-au-Prince, further endangering the lives of millions of Haitians. The U.S., collaborating with the Haitian community, needs to set a new policy for Haiti. And it should start now. In order to stave off the worst, the global community must establish an enforced humanitarian corridor to enable the effective and safe transport of medicine, water, food, sanitation supplies, and fuel to the . . .

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