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PCV travelers making a difference

PCV travelers making a difference

For many travelers, a desire to see the world also fosters a desire to change it, to help people in countries and cities both near and far away, to make a connection, to make a difference. For some that means going on voluntourism trips – organized trips specifically designed to incorporate volunteer projects in a specific place, which are fully planned by an agency that handles travel, accommodations, and even medical evacuation insurance. For others it means seeking out opportunities in the place they happen to be visiting. Both can make a significant impact, both on the traveler and on the communities where he or she volunteers. Others though, are looking for more long-term volunteering opportunities – the chance to stick with one project over the course of weeks, months, or years, and see how dedicated service can make a difference in the long term. One popular long-term service option is the Peace . . .

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