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Herm Schmidt (Staff DC/Ethiopia), Author

Herm Schmidt (Staff DC/Ethiopia), Author

Thanks for the ‘heads up’ from Ted Vestal (PC Staff /Ethiopia 1964-66)   Herm writes — I thought readers might be interested in who I am and something about why I write. Much of my working life was with the US Government spending time in Germany with the Army in the ’50s, when Cold War tension was at its peak. I was one of the many young college graduates unable to find a job and chose to enlist for two years. It was a fortunate choice that gave enlistees a view of the world outside America, and believe it or not, $100 a month “spending money” that was more than most of us ever had. As to Cold War tension, it was easily dispelled by 5 cent bottles of Beck’s beer at the PX, and nights out in Butzbach, where we were stationed. We had a chance to travel all . . .

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