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The Day Bob Dylan Became BOB DYLAN

The Day Bob Dylan Became BOB DYLAN

  by Rowland Scherman (PC Staff 1961-64)   In June, 1963, I was working in Washington DC shooting PR pictures for the Peace Corps. That may sound mundane, but I had been doing it since the inception of the new agency, and had literally traveled the world photographing the volunteers at work in their newly adopted countries. In his inaugural speech, President Kennedy asked us what we could do for the country. And I, like thousands of others, responded. I was what one might call an “advanced amateur.” I knew what an f-stop was, and the other basics, but not a hell of a lot more. By answering JFK’s call, my chosen career was importantly enabled. I had been to a Peter, Paul and Mary concert in the area and later heard that they were to be the headliners at the Newport Folk Festival, along with Pete Seeger, Theo Bikel, and Joan Baez. That sounded as if it might . . .

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