2022 Winner of the Marian Haley Beil Award for the Best Book Review(s)


Dean W. Jefferson

El Salvador 1974-76 and Costa Rica 1976-77



Dean W. Jefferson

After Peace Corps Dean became interested in the computer software field and made it his profession. He worked first as a software engineer, and later taught programming and database management at a technical collage. Along the way he acquired a masters degree in adult education, and has worked as a Spanish language translator and interpreter.

Dean is a long-time member of RPCVs of Wisconsin/Madison —  the people who publish the “Peace Corps International Calendar.”

Dean Jefferson has been a stalwart book reviewer for Peace Corps Worldwide for a number of years, and we welcome him to our masthead.

In addition, he has volunteered to help authors who will be publishing their books with the Peace Corps Writers imprint, and who are unable to find capable and independent proof readers and/or editors, to fine tune their final manuscripts electronically for publishing. He will proof read manuscripts for spelling & grammar errors, etc. at no cost.

We salute Dean for the more than 30 insightful reviews that he has written for Peace Corps Worldwide, and we thank him on behalf of the appreciative authors who have benefitted by his words.



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  • I love the calendar and soon there will be the 2023 one. Wouldn’t do without it.

    The more I think about it,the more I realize there is nothing more artistic than to love others
    …Vincent van Gogh

    • The 2023 Peace Corps International Calendar is available now at the Calendar website: https://www.rpcvcalendar.org/ Or you likely can purchase it through your affiliate group soon. I know there is a local calendar packing party on September 9th. This is an annual event when we at RPCV Wisconsin – Madison ship our first batch of group and individual calendar orders.

  • Dean, thanks for being so involved and supportive as a reviewer, consultant, and mentor. Aside from comments, you put lots of information in your reviews, and so they are learning experiences about the books, which I appreciate very much.

  • Dean is the best–which is why I was pleased he just reviewed my new book, My Saddest Pleasures. I also appreciate all the other things he does for the RPCV writers community.

  • I had no idea when John Coyne asked me to send our Anthology, Never the Same Again: Life, Service and Friendship in Liberia, to Dean that I was getting the top-notch reviewer. But I am so glad he did. Dean did a marvelous job of summarizing our book. He also took the time to write a review on Amazon for us. WOW, over and beyond.

    John Coyne and his team have done a marvelous job of promoting PCV books and I thank them for that. Check out this anthology, sponsored by Friends of Liberia, and my memoir, In Search of Pink Flamingos at susangreisen.com.

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