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Review — FROM AFAR by Kyle Henning (Ethiopia)

Review — FROM AFAR by Kyle Henning (Ethiopia)

  From Afar:  One man’s human-powered adventure from the lowest point on the African continent to the summit of its highest mountain by Kyle Henning (Ethiopia 2009-11) $17.99 (Paperback); $0.00 (Kindle); Self-Published, May 2021 253 pages Reviewed by Cynthia Nelson Mosca (Ethiopia 1967-69) • I began my adventure with Kyle Henning’s videos on YouTube beginning with Part 1 where Kyle is very neat and clean, a situation that definitely changed by the end of his adventure. This video was enough to catch and hold my interest. I continued watching one video a day until the book was available for purchase. Then I held off watching the last one until I finished the book. How does a classically-trained bassist go from working in a bank in upstate New York to Abyssinia? Isn’t it obvious? Through AmeriCorps. Perhaps not obvious, but Kyle Henning strongly wanted out of his cubicle. He wanted to take . . .

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