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Book Award — Best Peace Corps Memoir of 2021

Book Award — Best Peace Corps Memoir of 2021

  In Search of Pink Flamingos: A Woman’s Quest for Forgiveness and Unconditional Love     By Susan E. Greisen (Liberia 1971-73; Tonga 1973-74)   A young woman defies her parents’ demands to become a farmer’s wife. At age nineteen, with a suitcase full of farm-smarts and a license to be a practical nurse, Susan joins the Peace Corps in Africa. She meets multiple challenges in her remote Liberian village and falls short of her unrealistic goals. An interracial romance further aggravates her parents who eventually disown her. When Susan finds the pink flamingos, she discovers what she had been searching for all along. Her journey is one of passion, strength and finding forgiveness and unconditional love.   Susan writes… The last time I received a first-place blue ribbon I was twelve years old at my grade school track competition. I was one of seven in the 100-yard dash. But . . .

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