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Textile Artist Hollis Chatelain (Togo)

Textile Artist Hollis Chatelain (Togo)

  The Large-Scale Textile Portraits of Hollis Chatelain Orange County Arts Commission July 16, 2021 • Meet Hillsborough textile artist Hollis Chatelain  (Togo 1980-81). She creates large-scale, colorfully saturated textile portraits through a process called textile painting. To create the artworks, she draws out enlarged depictions of scenes that appear to her in monochromatic dreams, frequently using surrealist imagery. She then translates the design onto fabric, dyes the fabric in monochromatic shades, then adds all vibrant color through thread with quilting. Her textile art is internationally exhibited — held in the permanent collections of The Discovery Channel, The American Embassy in Mali, and the Durham Public Library, amongst others — and she currently has a 30 year retrospective of her work on exhibit at the Quilters Hall of Fame in [Marion] Indiana. As the subjects for her textiles, Hollis often draws upon the 12 years she spent working for humanitarian organizations . . .

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