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Reinvent the Peace Corps — Climate Change Volunteers

Reinvent the Peace Corps — Climate Change Volunteers

    Those of us who were around when the agency was created know why and how it was. Peace Corps was a hope and a vision for the developing world. We could help poorer nations of the world. And we did. The Peace Corps changed the lives of many host country nationals and it also changed our lives. Today, 60 years after the first PCVs went overseas, we have another world with new needs. One of those needs is the climate all of us are living with. It is a problem we have wherever we live in the world. President Biden has recently spoken about what must be done here at home. What he hasn’t done is link today’s Peace Corps Volunteers with the needs for  Climate Change in the developing world. This is the role, many of us think, that should be a new role for Volunteers in . . .

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