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“My Life Since Asmara, Eritrea” — Leo Cecchini (Ethiopia)

“My Life Since Asmara, Eritrea” — Leo Cecchini (Ethiopia)

  My Life Since Asmara, Eritrea Leo Cecchini (Ethiopia 1962-64) • I was born and raised in Washington DC so was always surrounded by people from other lands. There are literally hundreds of embassies, consulates, cultural centers, international organizations, and foreign communities in DC from which one gathers an idea of the world. I recognized that man’s knowledge of the universe is rather limited but I could at least learn about our planet, its lands, and its people.  I set out to learn as much as possible about our world. By age ten I could not only name every state and its capital, but also every country in Europe and its capital. I wanted to see it all. My college work was heavy on geography with generous doses of world affairs and economics. I took the first opportunity out of college to learn about the world. The Peace Corps took me . . .

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