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Prudence Ingerman — Peace Corps/Bolivia

Prudence Ingerman — Peace Corps/Bolivia

PEACE CORPS BOLIVIA I – 1962-1964   1 Training and a Grand Welcome It was March 1, 1962, and I had almost forgotten about my application (# 102) to this new Peace Corps idea of President Kennedy, so when I received the following phone call, I was stunned. “Congratulations,” said a woman’s voice, “you have been selected for the first Peace Corps project to Bolivia. Can you be ready for training in Oklahoma on March 16th?” I babbled, “B..Bolivia? Oklahoma? March 16th?”  I must have sounded like an idiot. “Yes, the training is in Oklahoma. It starts on March 16th. ” “ Well . . .” I tried to think intelligently, “yes . . . yes I can be ready.” “Fine, I know this is short notice, so please look for an important packet in the mail in the next day or two.” She hung up and I sat there . . .

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