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“Peace Corps job after THE Peace Corps job” — Yuta Masuda (Republic of Georgia)

“Peace Corps job after THE Peace Corps job” — Yuta Masuda (Republic of Georgia)

  Yuta Masuda (Georgia 2005-06) is a Senior Sustainable Development and Behavioral Scientist in Global Science at the Nature Conservancy. His work at the Conservancy investigates the impacts of conservation programs on human well-being, and he has a particular interest in gender, development, institutions, and human health. Yuta’s current work looks at integrating human well-being considerations into conservation programs to better understand their risks and benefits to people.      In addition, he is working on research on sustainable development, gender and conservation, technology-assisted data collection, and developing new indicators for human well-being.      Before joining the Conservancy in 2013, Yuta was a graduate student at the University of Washington where he did research on water infrastructure, time use, and gender in Ethiopia. Prior to that, he was a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Republic of Georgia and also worked at RTI International as a Health Economics Research Assistant. . . .

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