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EPCV Isabella Black: Pre-Pandemic Moments

EPCV Isabella Black: Pre-Pandemic Moments

Thanks for the ‘heads up’ from Dale Gilles (Liberia 1964-67)     When Life Felt Normal: Your Pre-Pandemic Peace Corps Moments New York Times, 4/25/2020 Readers share memories, images and videos from before the coronavirus became a pandemic, and reflect on what they mean now. . An early return home Isabella Black Reston, VAI   After my evacuation and termination from the Peace Corps, I feel for what could have been. We prepared for two years of service in Senegal, but we got only a moment of our host families, the language, the service, and the country. We had just begun training on how we could help to facilitate community economic development when we received word we had to go home. We had the chance to meet community leaders, families, and facilitators who were so eager for our continued service in the country. To return home so early from what I . . .

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