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Review — ENCOUNTERS WITH RONGELAP by Richard Sundt (Marshall Islands)

Review — ENCOUNTERS WITH RONGELAP by Richard Sundt (Marshall Islands)

  Encounters with Rongelap: 1968-1969 Fourteen Years After the Nuclear Fallout — Life & Environment Around a Great Lagoon by Richard Sundt (Marshall Island 1968-69) Self-published 132 pages October 2019 $30.00 (print); $1.99 (Ebook) [Buy from:] Reviewed By Bob Arias (Colombia 1964-66) • “Rongelap was my home away from home!” Author Richard Sundt brings us “three books” in one that is an exciting look at his Peace Corps experience on the Marshall Islands in the Pacific. Encounters with Rongelap takes us to his Peace Corps site in Rongelap Atoll, home for two years, 1968-1969, which was fourteen years after the nuclear testing on the Bikini Atoll, a distance of 94 miles away,  in 1954 . An awesome cover with a view of the Pacific introduces you to an exciting book filled with lots and lots of photos, and detailed reports home to his parents. Book One consisted of the numerous reports . . .

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