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“Remembering the Peace Corps — 60 Years Later” Marnie Mueller (Ecuador)

“Remembering the Peace Corps — 60 Years Later” Marnie Mueller (Ecuador)

    Remembering the Peace Corps — 60 Years Later Marnie Elberson Mueller, Ecuador 1963-65 • I was in my dormitory at Case Western Reserve University on March 1, 1961.  I was a sophomore. I have this image of being in the downstairs parlor of a 19th Century building, looking toward the entryway, and for some reason thinking, “I want to do that,” meaning join the Peace Corps.  I don’t know how I received the news.  Was it from the radio or a newspaper or a letter from my parents? I’ll claim the latter because it’s the sort of information my parents would have loved: The adventure, the commitment to doing good, the concept of helping people to help themselves. My father was an economist turned community organizer and my mother, a teacher with a commitment to underprivileged children.  They married in 1938 and spent their honeymoon in a dirt-floored . . .

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