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The Peace Corps isn’t doing its job

The Peace Corps isn’t doing its job

Is the Peace Corps a Failure? That’s the title on the cover of a front-page story in the January 1, 1966 issue of the Saturday Evening Post. It was written by RPCVs Arnold Zeitlin and Marian Zeitlin. It was written after his book To the Peace Corps With Love was published in 1965. Marian and Arnold were from Pittsburgh. They met in Peace Corps Training and were married in Ghana. They served with the first Peace Corps project–teachers–in Ghana from 1961 to 1963. This two-page article for the Saturday Evening Post appeared in the Post’s “Speaking Out”column where readers could have their say on issues of their own. It was entitled: The Peace Corps isn’t doing its job Arnold and Marian wrote in the second paragraph of their article: We believe that the Corps has sold the public a bill of goods. We believe that it is failing to fulfill its . . .

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