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Review — AS WE THINK . . . SO WE AGE by Geri Marr Burdman (Bolivia)

Review — AS WE THINK . . . SO WE AGE by Geri Marr Burdman (Bolivia)

    As We Think . . . So We Age: Exploring Pathways to Meaningful Aging by Geri Marr Burdman, Ph.D.  (Bolivia 1962-64) GeroWise Books 136 pages July 2015 $14.99 (paperback) Review by Sue Hoyt Aiken (Ethiopia 1962 -64) • The author’s far ranging life combined with her education, career and recognition by peers should give readers comfort as she explores the challenges of aging in today’s world. As one reviewer writes, “A deeply insightful book, offering a message of hope in the midst of challenges, the author reflects upon …”Dr. Vikto Frankl’s exemplary lessons on finding meaning regardless of age or circumstance.”  That sums up the value of this remarkable 117 page guide for anyone looking ahead or is in the process of aging.  She designates entire pages at the end of each chapter for the reader’s reflections, thus encouraging engagement with the content.  The book lends itself to being . . .

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