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Neil Armstrong’s Peace Corps Connection (Moon Landing)

Neil Armstrong’s Peace Corps Connection (Moon Landing)

Thanks for the ‘heads up’ from Dale Gilles (Liberia 1964-67), (PC/W 1968-73), (Liberia APCD 1973-75), (PC/W 1991-93) We have all heard about the two sons of Neil Armstrong who are staging a series of auctions of about 3,000 mementos from their father’s moon mission, NASA career, as well as his life before and after the Moon Landing. They are selling everything from an American flag that had flown to the moon on Apollo 11; a flight suit their father had worn earlier in his career; and many possessions that had nothing to do with space, including Armstrong’s childhood teddy bear, a preschool report card he signed, and a silver medal commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Peace Corps in 1971. What you might not know is that Neil Armstrong was chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee for the Peace Corps from 1971 to 1973. Nixon was president during those years and . . .

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