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The Colombia Project TCP GLOBAL (Colombia)

The Colombia Project TCP GLOBAL (Colombia)

More than 20 years after Jocelyn Farrington served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Babangatu, Niger she continues to serve her village through NANEY, a non-profit she established to promote sustainable development.  Jocelyn and her board hope that NANEY provides an opportunity for other returned Niger Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) to reconnect with the communities where they carried out their volunteer service in a lasting and meaningful way. In 2018, NANEY invited TCP Global to partner with them to support micro-loans for women peanut farmers. Friends of Nigeria (FON) has partnered with Fantsuam in Kafanchan for almost ten years. In 2019, FON introduced TCP Global to Fantsuam, which now partners with TCP Global to provide affordable micro-loans in Kafanchan. Would YOUR Peace Corps site benefit from a sustainable loan program ?? While Colombia remains our largest program with eight sites, in the last five years TCP Global expanded its zero-overhead, sustainable micro-loan model to underserved communities in Guatemala, . . .

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