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Mildred D. Taylor (Ethiopia) — our finest “Young Adult” writer

Mildred D. Taylor (Ethiopia) — our finest “Young Adult” writer

Over the years there have been a number of very good RPCV writers who served in Ethiopia. Most notables are Dick Lipez (1962-64), writing detective mysteries at Richard Stevenson; literary novelist & English professor Mark Dinenfass (1964-66); award winning short story writer Kathleen (Johnson) Coskran (1965-67); Dan Close (1968-71) who is still writing historical novels; and  Roberta Worrick (Ethiopia 1971–73) writing as Maria Thomas. Roberta died tragically in a plane crash in the mountains of western Ethiopia in 1989. She is remembered on our site, Peace Corps Writers, by having the fiction award given in her name. There is another former PCV writer from Ethiopia — Mildred D. Taylor — who over these years has been overlooked by our Peace Corps Community. This is my fault. I knew this sweet woman when I was her APCD in 1966 –67 in Ethiopia. She was just out of college and a Peace . . .

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