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Craig Storti (Morocco) Interviews Joe Lurie (Kenya) in June SIETAR Newsletter

Craig Storti (Morocco) Interviews Joe Lurie (Kenya) in June SIETAR Newsletter

CRAIG STORTI INTERVIEWS JOE LURIE ABOUT HIS BOOK “PERCEPTION AND DECEPTION: A MIND-OPENING JOURNEY ACROSS CULTURES” Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research Newsletter June 10, 2019 | Interview with Joe Lurie, Executive Director Emeritus, UC Berkeley International House Why did you write this book? With YouTubes, tweets and fake news crossing cultures instantly and without context and with a surge of migrants encountering new hosts from different countries for the first time and without preparation, I sensed a growing collision of cultures. The alarming increase in intercultural misperceptions and miscommunications makes it more essential than ever to understand the actual meanings and intentions behind words and actions which may seem abnormal, provocative, even threatening. And so I wrote the book to heighten awareness of these misunderstandings and to provide tools for understanding culture clashes in the news of the day, in business, technology, diplomacy, language, religion, generational divides and migration. . . .

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