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John Krauskopf Remembers Lee St. Lawrence (Iran)
How the Peace Corps led to success in DC
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John Krauskopf Remembers Lee St. Lawrence (Iran)

In reading the recent Peace Corps Writers article about Lee St. Lawrence I discovered that Lee was a Peace Corps guy.  He had never mentioned this background in all the time I knew him.  We were among a tiny handful of ex-patriots in Ahwaz, Iran, where he was the top adviser to the Iranian Director of the Khuzistan Water and Power Authority (KWPA) and one of the last foreign nationals involved in this project.  I met Lee during the first couple of weeks after I arrived in Ahwaz when my Peace Corps assignment had not yet solidified.  He invited me and the three other PCVs in Ahwaz to come to the KWPA housing compound where he lived whenever we needed a break.  The residents of the 50 or so KWPA-owned western style houses had access to a swimming pool, a cinema, a library holding English books and a club (“cloob” . . .

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How the Peace Corps led to success in DC

Chris Matthews closed his show, Hard Ball, by talking about his experiences and the lasting impact of his time as a Volunteer in Swaziland, 1968-1970.  Click on this link to hear his testimony:

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