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Peace Corps Porn

Peace Corps Porn

The paperback jacket is torn. The wrinkled pages bent and stained. Still, the cover photo of the naked Peace Corps Volunteer is crystal clear and one exposed breast is bright in the sunlight of the camera flash. Beneath the woman’s breast, as if a yellow sticker has been tapped over her belly button, is a bold declaration. A REPRINT FROM THE BEST OF OUR ADULT NOVELS WHICH MAY HAVE BEEN PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED UNDER ONE OR MORE DIFFERENT TITLES The novel is entitled Passion Delight, written by Frances Sibley. It is, the back cover says, a Body Talk Library book, published in 1985 by American Art Enterprises of California. A quick google search found the publisher, but no mention of Passion Delight, or where one might buy a copy. Perhaps this is a new title. Nor could I find out anything about “Frances Sibley”…..was she an RPCV in Senegal who set . . .

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