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Sex & $$$ in The Peace Corps IG Investigations (Washington, DC)

Sex & $$$ in The Peace Corps IG Investigations (Washington, DC)

  Peace Corps Office of Inspector General — Semi-annual Report to Congress The Investigation Unit is authorized to investigate waste, fraud, abuse, and mismanagement in both domestic and international Peace Corps programs and operations. OIG investigators have full law enforcement authority including the authority, upon probable cause, to seek and execute warrants for arrest, search premises, and seize evidence. They are authorized to make arrests without a warrant while engaged in official duties and to carry firearms. The unit investigates allegations of both criminal wrongdoing and administrative misconduct involving Peace Corps staff, contractors, Volunteers, and other individuals conducting transactions with the Peace Corps. Allegations are made by Peace Corps stakeholders such as Volunteers, trainees, staff, contractors, other federal entities, and the general public. OIG receives these allegations through audits, evaluations, hotline complaints, and other means. In addition, OIG relies upon the investigative support of the U.S. Department of State Diplomatic Security Service (DSS). Criminal and Misconduct Related Investigations In 2009, Peace . . .

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