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“Discovering the Peace Corps . . . and Myself” by Dennis Kuklok (Bolivia)

“Discovering the Peace Corps . . . and Myself” by Dennis Kuklok (Bolivia)

  Discovering the Peace Corps … and Myself by Dennis Lloyd Kuklok (Bolivia 1968-70) • It was October, 1967. I had just dropped out of the University of Minnesota, where I was beginning my third year in the School of Architecture. I knew that I would now be drafted, since I would lose my student deferment. So, I volunteered. I wanted to get my military service over as quickly as possible. Then I would be free to do whatever I wanted. At that time, if you volunteered for the draft, you could complete your two years in the army in just 18 months. My university education had made me see how immature, how unworldly I was. It had become painfully apparent how little I really knew about the world in which I was expected to design places for people. I had grown up in a large Catholic midwestern farm family, . . .

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